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TwentyOne Skills – The learning hub for science

TwentyOne Skills is the largest digital training platform for early career researchers. We prepare PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and future-oriented professors for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our why

Empowering the crucial generation in science

Scientists play a crucial role in solving the most pressing challenges of our time.To tackle these problems, we need a generation in science that is as well educated and as well networked as none before it!

We work to ensure that scientists worldwide have access to key competencies and intradisciplinary networks in science - regardless of origin and resources.

“Science is likely our best bet to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals” - United Nations, Department of Social and Economic Affairs


Learn, connect, collaborate

Facilitated Learning Groups

Facilitated Learning Groups

We create networks where collaborative learning and exchange are lived, transdisciplinary and cross-site.



We believe in the smart combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats, in the digital space and in inspiring on-site learning groups

Peer Support

Peer Support

We connect learners in science with the goal of supporting each other and learning from and with each other.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning

We enable access to qualification, barrier-free and oriented to the situational requirements of the learners.


Equal Access to Skills - worldwide

We believe that access to key competencies and career networks in science should not be exclusive to a small part of the scientific community. This is especially true for researchers in developing countries. We therefore support researchers there in developing relevant skills sets and enable them to access communities within our platform. For this purpose, we award free access to our platform via scholarships.

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Our team is as diverse as science, living in different countries and cities, and made up of passionate experts in their fields.


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